The project titled “Investigation of Versatile Antioxidant Performance in Oil-in-Protein Gel Matrix Environment” led by Dr. Atikorn Panya, Leader, Food Biotechnology Research Team was funded by the Good Food Institute, USA for USD 60,000

The one-year project focuses on dynamic antioxidant behaviors in plant-based product environment especially the mimicking of fat tissue. Alternative plant-based fat tissue with high-fat content previously developed by the team is used for the investigation of dynamic antioxidant behaviors to obtain the suitable combination of antioxidant mixtures for a particular alternative plant-based fat tissue with high fat loading.

The body of knowledge obtained from this project will lay a foundation for the development of other texturized plant-based products with more stable lipid quality.

The Good Food Institute (GFI) was founded in 2016 and is an international nonprofit reimagining meat production.